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Comhairle na Gàidhlig would like to thank the North British Society Charitable Trust for their generous support of this newsletter.
To view more information on the Trust, please visit their website HERE.

Mission Statement

The mission of Comhairle na Gàidhlig is to lead in creating an environment that makes Nova Scotia a place where Gaelic language, culture, and communities thrive. To this end, the council works to achieve results in the following areas:

• significance, relevance, value and accessibility to Nova Scotia’s Gaelic language and culture;
• quality of information pertaining to Gaelic language and culture;
• public knowledge and appreciation of Nova Scotia’s Gaelic language and culture;
• impact on sustainable community and provincial development;
• satisfaction of constituents with our programs and services;
• performance of staff and directors, including attitudes and conduct;
• relationships and partnerships with individuals, local and community organizations, government departments, sponsors, donors, educational institutions, and other organizations; and
• condition of finances, including revenues and costs.


Your Gaelic Council

The Gaelic Council Board of Directors provides leadership for the Nova Scotia Gaelic Community – the Council. We advocate and lobby on behalf of the community to ensure their needs and interests are met. We advise the business sector and government, including school boards, in regards to the advancement of awareness and policy which strengthens our culture and preserves our heritage. The volunteer council, in partnership with other leading Gaelic organizations, advises and makes recommendations to the Ministers of Gaelic Affairs, Education and Communities, Culture and Heritage on all matters that help to foster the growth of Nova Scotian Gaels. Growth of our creative spirit and Gaelic identity, enhanced through investment, investigation, promotion and preservation. A major focus of our work  will be to strengthen our Community from within through collaboration and sharing of efforts as well as the creation of a unified, long term strategy for the Nova Scotia Gaelic Community. 

What We Do

Comhairle na Gàidhlig is leading the way in forming an environment where Gaelic language, culture, and communities thrive. We create sustainable development for Gaelic communities, which contributes to the prosperity of the province. We strive to educate about the significance of the Gaelic language, culture, and heritage, increasing the public knowledge and appreciation of this rich living tradition. We form relationships with individuals, organizations, educational institutions and governments locally, nationally, and internationally. We work to increase the accessibility of Gaelic language opportunities in the province through immersion, youth apprenticeships, drama initiatives. and other activities.

Thank You to Our Individual Patrons


Eric Patton

Heather Sparling

Scott Benjamin

Cindy Hamilton

Alison Etter

Thank you to Our Supporting Institutions

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Oifis Iomairtean na Gàidhlig  

Office of Gaelic Affairs

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Baile nan Gàidheal 

The Highland Village

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The Scots Charitable Trust


The Gaelic Council of Nova Scotia

51779 Cabot Trail

St. Ann's, NS

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