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Teacher Resources

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Gaelic Affairs works to promote the Gaelic language and ensures that Gaelic culture continues to thrive in Nova Scotia.


Up With Gaelic offers presentations and performances for different age groups from Primary to grade 6; they can also teach some traditional Gaelic games or a square set figure or two to a Phys. Ed. class, or sing and play fiddle tunes with a Music class.

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The Highland Village is a museum in Cape Breton that also runs courses throughout the year and the  Storas a' Bhaile program in Summer


Cainnt mo Mhàthar is a website showcasing video and audio recordings of Gaelic speakers in Nova Scotia.

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The primary objective for The Bridge Between Us is to present Gaelic Nova Scotia's traditional Gaelic cultural expression and tradition as it has been authentically known.

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Learn Gaelic is an online resource that offers online lessons for beginner through to intermediate levels. They also offer a dictionary and links to other videos and radio programs. 

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Learn Scottish Gaelic in just 5 minutes a day with Duolingo's game-like lessons. Whether you’re a beginner starting with the basics or looking to practice your reading, writing, and speaking, Duolingo has a lesson for all levels.

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The Beaton Institute is the official repository for historically significant records of Cape Breton University. It is a centre for local, regional, national, and global research and strives to promote inquiry through innovative academic and public programming initiatives.

Reading and Listening Materials
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Gaelic Nova Scotia: A Resource Guide is a document intended for teachers, learners, or anybody curious about Gaelic Culture.


Over the years, Nova Scotia Archives has been a leader in preserving, for future generations, a body of archival records that document the province's rich Gaelic roots and the continuing culture, heritage and traditions


MacTalla (The Echo) was a Gaelic newspaper printed in Cape Breton. SMO has digitized the entire first volume of the newspaper. 

The Gaelic Affairs YouTube channel presents samples of Gaelic language and culture in Nova Scotia. Videos on conversation, song, music, dance, story and more will communicate a living Gaelic language and cultural community in our province.

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This website offers Gaelic resources to use when working with children who have speech sound difficulties. This includes activities that target those sounds which occur in Gaelic but not English.

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A UK resource for school teachers with quite a bit of Gaelic content (have to search for Gaelic, as it includes everything)

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